Salon Alchemy Job Application Form

If you don't want to use this form, please answer all questions and email to Salon Alchemy

Contact Information
E-mail address:      
Address line:      
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ZIP code:      
Contact Phone#:      
Position applying for:      Receptionist Stylist Assistant
      Nail Tech-Commission Nail Tech-Booth Rent
      Stylist/Colorist-Commission Stylist/Colorist-Booth Rent
Are you presently employed?:      Yes No
Related Salon Experience?:      Yes No
      Less than one year 1 to 3 years 3 to 5 years over 5 years
What type of compensation do you prefer?      Salary Base/Commission Commission/Scale
       Independent Contractor Booth Rent
Reason for compensation choice:      
Are you a board ceritfied haircolorist?:      Yes No
Please list continuing education other than cosmetology school:     
Do you have a current license?:      Yes No
In which State?:     
If you are a colorist, which color lines are you most familiar with?:     
If you are a nail tech, which products are you most familiar with?:     
What do you think is needed for 100% client satisfaction? (this can include skills, salon atmosphere,etc.):     
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